At Finnhammars, we combine the role of auditor with advisory. We want to give our clients the best possible service through a personal commitment.

In addition to auditing and creating an audit report, we at Finnhammars work to be more than an auditing firm. We have a holistic view of the customer’s situation and needs. Of course, through the audit, we must ensure the quality of the accounts of our clients, ensure that laws are complied with and that the companies are run professionally. At the same time, we know that what our clients appreciate most is that we are also advisors and act as a sounding board.

More than 90% of all companies in Sweden are small to medium-sized companies. They are run by strong entrepreneurs, people who dedicate their lives to their businesses and the level of commitment and enthusiasm is often impressive. We want to meet our clients with the same commitment.

Continuity and a long-term perspective in the collaboration is just as important for us as for the customer, as the auditor’s knowledge of the company and the entrepreneur’s situation is built up over time. We at Finnhammars believe that small and medium-sized companies and organizations thrive the best at an auditing firm that is not too large, where the customer is seen and recognized.

Our history

Finnhammars Revisionsbyrå was started in 1983 by Bo Finnhammar and Ola Spinnars, 
who together with four other employees had a vision to create an auditing firm where service and strong customer relationships were the backbone of the business.

In 1984, the rectory in Upplands Väsby was acquired, where we have since had our 
head office. In 1998, we expanded the business and opened our city office in Hitech building.

Today, Finnhammars is run by 12 partners with Erika Hed as CEO. The firm has grown naturally to being a reputable auditing firm with over 50 employees. Many of our clients and employees have been loyal to us since the beginning. After having been active for almost 40 years, we can state that the vision and business idea are unchanged despite the fact that Finnhammars has today grown into one of the largest privately owned auditing firms in Sweden.